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Fabrication Service for tandoor Oven
Tandoor fabrication gas, electrical or charcoal.
Best Tandoor Ovens and Fabrication, Maintenance Services Any commercial kitchen is incomplete without a tandoor. The love for Mughalia and Indian cuisine all over the world has helped commercial kitchen owners increase their sales with bread, tikka, and other smoky food items. There are different types of tandoor available in the market, but the most popular ones are the gas tandoor and the electric tandoor. The tandoors are used to cooking delicious roast meals, and at the same time are extremely easy to operate. You can install the tandoor equipment either inside or outside the kitchen premises. In addition to providing gas and electric tandoors to the hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more, we also provide tandoor fabrication services. It gives the tandoor an attractive outer layering, and most commercial kitchens opt for the stainless steel covering as it is easy to clean and looks good. Get in touch with the Al-Qureshi experts to get a tandoor installed in your kitchen.
We manufacture every type of tandoor available on al- qureshkitchen like Charcoal Tandoor, Gas Tandoor, Drum Tandoor, and Tandoor clay ovens you can just call us if you want to buy any type of tandoor in Dubai UAE Sharjah, and the whole UAE.
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