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Ship and Yacht Kitchen Equipments Repairing and Maintenance
Your One-Stop Solution for Nautical Kitchen Repair and Maintenance From large family cruises to luxurious personal yachts and transport ships, all the water vessels require state of the art and rugged kitchen equipment for the nourishment of the crew and passengers. Since the nautical kitchen equipment has to face extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and 24/7 usage, there is a need for regular repair and maintenance.
The accomplished and skilled maintenance team of Al-Qureshi is known for providing quality and affordable ship and yacht kitchen equipment repairing and maintenance services across the UAE. Most of the ship & yacht kitchen equipment is made of stainless steel because of its durability. Our team helps nautical kitchen owners to make the onboard mealtime delicious and healthy for the crew and passengers. Clients love our work because of the prompt, affordable, and more than satisfactory results.