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Service & Maintainance
Hotels, Motels, Resorts, social & sports clubs, food trucks, Fast food Restaurants, Restaurants & Cafes, Catering, Bakeries kitchen equipments repairing, servicing & maintenance yearly contracts.
Time is money. Do not let broken equipment cost your business. Running a commercial kitchen is not an easy task. Owners and their teams already tackle numerous factors to keep operations smooth. But the real disasters show their face in the form of kitchen equipment breakdown. Imagine the situation when your team is in the middle of the full-house service and the hot plate stopped working. Situations like these can lead to major embarrassment and loss in revenue for your business. What is the solution? It is the reliable, supportive, and readily available commercial catering equipment repair services from the house of Al-Qureshi. Our team of experts is well-versed with the practical aspects of servicing broken kitchen equipment in a short time span. We enjoy customer loyalty because we are there for our clients whenever they need us, and the team does whatever it takes to repair the equipment. Our USPs are the caring and knowledgeable technicians and the most reasonable service rates in the entire industry.
Cold Rooms Freezers & Chillers Repairing & Maintenance yearly contracts
Ships, Marine & Yacht Kitchen Equipment Repairing & Maintenance.
Electrical Panels Boards & DB Box Repairing & Maintenance.
Kitchen hoods, canopies centrifugal turbine & ecology units repairing, service, cleaning and maintenance.
Grease Traps Cleaning and Servicing.