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Grease Traps Cleaning and Servicing
Professional, Reliable, and Round the Clock Grease Trap Cleaning Services. Cleaning grease traps is tiresome but a necessary task of commercial kitchens. The continuous and oily cooking process often leaves grease residues. If not cleaned regularly, then it can lead to blockages and give birth to unhealthy infectious viruses. Al-Qureshi is the leading grease trap cleaning company in Dubai and UAE. Our team is equipped with the required gear and experience in removing grease taps. The pieces of equipment used are as follows:
  • High-quality rubber gloves for hand protection,
  • Nose cover masks for protection against foul odors,
  • Crowbar and wrench to remove the grease trap lid,
  • Scraper and shop vacuum to clean the tank and create suction.
  • Coveralls for protection against grease trap dirt.