Modern Kitchen Solutions for Leading Hotels, Restaurants & Universities Seeking a reliable partner who can help you with all kinds and levels of kitchen equipment and/or maintenance is not an easy task. Quality product, energy-efficient, remarkable performance, ease of use, reliable service life are some of the most necessary features. The kitchen solutions house of Al-Qureshi has been the most reliable and trusted kitchen equipment suppliers in UAE for the last decade. Our brand enjoys support from the leading restaurateurs and universities across the United Arab Emirates. The Al-Qureshi brand is recognized in the industry for trading in modern-day, commercial kitchen equipment that is not only easy to use and cost-effective but also of high quality and durability making them perfect for rigorous use of busy commercial kitchens without much wear and tear.

The biggest reason behind Al-Qureshi’s success in the motto of always delivering more than the clients’ expectations. The commercial kitchen equipment industry in UAE is saturated due to an imbalance between quality suppliers and quality-conscious buyers. Our operations are not just limited to providing equipment but also helping customers with post-sales product maintenance. Get in touch with us today for all your commercial kitchen requirements.

ABOUT Al Quresh Kitchen Equipments

Our company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality product and best total value to our customers. Also, we are keenly aware of the importance of reliability, efficiency and environmental impact of our product range, making every effort to provide our customers with full satisfaction of knowledge they need related to the kitchen equipments as per their order.

Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

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